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Small $15     Large $20

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Small badge is 1 by 3 inches and the large is 2 3/8 by 3 3/8 inches and 3mm thick. The

large badge is the same as the ARRL badge size.

We can place anything on a badge from a picture, words, logos or just a simple design.  

The background starts as white but it can be changed to any color. If you want a specific color, put the RGB number in the color space on the order form.

The words/lettering can also be any color and font.  We can place only 2 lines on the small badge and 4 lines on the large badge.

If you have a specific logo, please specify on the order form such as CERT or ARRL logo. We can also do company logo's but they will need to be sent to us in a clear .JPEG or .EPS file.

The backing can either be a pin back or a rare earth magnet.

Small badge: only two lines.

Large badge may have up to 4 lines.


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Backing Pin or magnet: 

No SLOTS are available


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