Now you know what you want, how do you get it?


1. Pick out the item you want such as a mug.

2. Send us your item request, picture and/or text to   

3. We will work the graphic to fit your item.

4. We will send you a graphic sample by e-mail for your approval.

5. You send back a yea or nae (we will rework the graphic until we get it right).

6.  The graphic is imprinted onto the item.

7. Once we get your Postal Money Order or payment, we will send your item by USPS

  1. Badge box (up to 2 badges)          $4
  2. Large envelope                                  $7
  3. Small box         8 1/2 X 5 1/2       $10
  4. Medium box     11 x 8 1/2            $15
  5. Large box         12 X 12               $20


The whole process could be done and shipped the same day as ordered but usually takes about a week if using .  Some Postal Money Order and larger orders may be a little longer.

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